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Baby Audio Super VHS

Baby Audio Super VHS  ·  Source: Baby Audio


Baby Audio has released Super VHS, a tape simulation plug-in which brings back the classic VHS sound of the 80s. With six individual effects, Super VHS lets you dial in various states of tape degradation, for that authentic VHS experience.


If you were around during the 80s and early 90s, you’ll remember it like it was yesterday: Carefully pushing the worn-out cassette into the VCR, hoping it wouldn’t get tangled up inside, and anxiously waiting for what felt like an eternity until the screen flickered and the opening theme started to play – with a sound quality that got worse and worse every time you played that tape. With its second plug-in, Baby Audio from New York wants to give you an opportunity to relive that moment, and use it as a creative effect in your own tracks.

Baby Audio Super VHS

Tape simulation plug-ins are abundant, from high-end studio machines to cassette tapes. But if you’re going for the classic sound of worn-out VHS tapes, you have fewer options. There are a few, including DyVision VideoTape, Retro Color by XLN Audio and the VHS Audio Degradation Suite for Reaktor. And now there’s Baby Audio’s latest release, Super VHS.

Super VHS offers six individual effects, each of which is responsible for one aspect of the VHS sound experience. You can mix and combine them any way you like. Each effect has a single control, so you won’t get lost in the parameter jungle and presets are unnecessary. The basics are all there: static (noise generator), heat (tape saturation) and shape (sample rate reducer). For more drastic sound mangling, you can add magic (Juno-style chorus), drift (pitch LFO) and wash (lo-fi reverb). A single mix slider lets you control the overall effects amount. Three additional effects lie beneath the surface and cannot be adjusted by the user: a fixed high-shelf filter, limiter and bit crusher.

Price and compatibility

Baby Audio Super VHS is available for Windows (7 and up) and Mac OS X (10.7 and up, excluding Catalina for now). It comes in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats (32 / 64 bit).

Until the end of 2019, Super VHS costs USD 29. After that, Baby Audio plans to raise the price to USD 49.

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Baby Audio Super VHS

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One response to “Baby Audio Super VHS recreates the lo-fi glory of the VHS era”

    Dave says:

    The author must have not been around that era or never heard a (s)vhs HI-FI deck with dolby. The brand of machine and speed of the recorded material also plays a factor

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