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TC Electronic June-60

TC Electronic June-60  ·  Source: TC Electronic

I wrote about the ‘new’ TC Electronic June-60 pedal back in 2017 and it was supposedly due out soon back then. Well, it has just been released and you can buy it finally!

TC Electronic June-60

Essentially the chorus section from the Roland Juno-6 in pedal format. That is what they were aiming for, so expect a BBD/Bucket Brigade analogue circuit with two chorus buttons.

Analogue BBD Chorus - TC Electronics June-60

Analogue BBD Chorus – TC Electronics June-60 pedal

Preset Chorus

These have two preset chorus effects, I & II and it should hopefully sound nice an warm, lush and well, chorus-like. You can press both those big yellow switches together and get a third chorus sound as well!

I haven’t got an old Juno-6 to hand, so can’t compare with the video below, but it sounds about right for an old analogue chorus effect for your guitar setup.

TC Electronic June-60 mono or stereo out

TC Electronic June-60 mono or stereo out

Mono or Stereo

JUNE-60 can convert the output from mono to stereo, which would make for a nice wide chorus effect and add to its spread, which in turn should make it sound a lot nicer.

So if you fancy some classic 1980s chorus then keep an eye out for this new pedal at your local store.

It’s true-bypass and will run from either a  9 V battery or TC Electronic Powerplug 9.

RRP – USB 74.99

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