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Austrian audio OC16 Condenser Microphone (2)

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Austrian Audio introduced the OC16, a brand-new condenser microphone that’s surprisingly affordable for what it is. Designed and engineered in Vienna, the muc uses the manufacturer’s new CKR6 ceramic capsule and the same Open Acoustics design approach used in the rest of the OC series mics.


Therefore, the OC16 carries the same sonic character (think neutral but not flat) and handles max. SPLs as high as 148dB. It all makes for a modern and versatile condenser mic that’s inspired by a well-loved vintage model and is sold at a very reasonable €349 (incl. VAT).

Austrian Audio OC16

According to its makers, the OC16 has ‘extremely robust build-quality’ with its handmade capsule benefitting from modern materials like industrial ceramic. This is a highly insulating material with the same mass and acoustic characteristics as the brass used in the vintage reference capsule. However, its production is far less error-prone and helps keep differrent mics sounding and behaving consistently. Each CKR capsule is handmade, tested and measured in-house before shipping.

The OC16 also benefits from Austrian Audio’s proprietary “Open Acoustics” design which eliminates acoustic interference, such as unwanted reflections and standing waves, inside the microphone. This helps achieve its clear and transparent-sounding character.


Further features include switchable Low-cut / High Pass Filtering at either 40Hz or 160Hz. The former reduces mechanical noise and the latter attenuates the low frequency response to counteract the ‘proximity effect’ or clean up excess bass. Moreover, the combination of flat body and low weight enables miking and adjustment in places that are hard to reach.

Austrian audio OC16 Condenser Microphone (3)

The OC16

Another notable design decision is suspending the capsule at three elastic points inside the microphone body. This internal suspension reduces mechanical noise to a degree which permits using the microphone without a stand and shock-mount. Austrian Audio gives an example where one can literally dangle the OC16 from its XLR cable in front of a guitar amplifier. The mic is literally just hanging in there, recording stuff! You rarely, if ever get to be this frivolous with other LDC mics.

Austrian Audio Condenser Microphone (4)

Just hang in there…

As a final touch, the OC16 keeps a tight cardioid polar pattern which further helps suppress background noise and makes it suitable for voice recording and close-miking. All in all, the microphone is an impressive showing from Austrian Audio. I expect it to boost the manufacturer’s presence on the overcrowded market considerably.

Price and availability information

The OC16 is sold for EUR 350 incl, VAT and ships inside a soft case which includes an elastic spider suspension and regular mic mount. You can pre-order it from our affiliate partner Thomann *:

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Austrian audio OC16 Condenser Microphone (2)

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