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Mastro Valvola Lysergic Emotions Module or LEM pedal

Mastro Valvola Lysergic Emotions Module or LEM pedal  ·  Source: Mastro Valvola/YouTube

The new Lysergic Emotions Module by Italian pedal maker Mastro Valvola is a new tape delay pedal that emulates a multi-head delay pedal. It’s based around an old delay unit, the LEM, manufactured in Italy (recently recreated in plug-in form by Martinic).

Ambience in a box?

Described as ‘combining shimmering repeats, reverse delays, multi-head modulations, pitch shifting and lo-fi sounds’, the new Mastro Valvola Lysergic Emotions Module or LEM for short is a delay with many possibilities.

  • Four Presets
  • Multi-head Delay
  • Eight Ambiance types
  • True bypass using a Timed Bypass System, to manage the trails and the bypass switching style
  • Separate dry and wet controls
  • CTRL input – EXP/CV or remote switch
Mastro Valvola LEM Table Tape Delay Pedal

Mastro Valvola LEM Table


This pedal has four presets and eight ambiences on offer. The table above shows you the eight modes. The pedal is true-bypass, but sometimes you will want the delay trails to carry on after you have switched the effect off. If this is the case then the Timed Bypass System is used to manage the trails.

Mastro Valvola Lysergic Emotions Module Tape Delay Pedal

Mastro Valvola Lysergic Emotions Module


This tape delay pedal can also be controlled externally via an expression pedal or CV (Control Voltage). When one of the four presets is saved by the user, the control parameters will be saved along with it, including the EXP/CV control and the chosen trails mode as well.

The Bypass footswitch functions in both latching and momentary modes, letting you decide if you want the effect on all the time or just add a quick burst as needed.


Wet sets the level of the wet signal while Dry sets the level of the dry signal. Delay lets you input the delay time. Feedback controls the number of delay repeats. Each mode has a special effect controlled by the Special knob. The Filter knob sets the frequency of the analog filter applied to your wet signal, with the control flat in its central position.

Shift allows you to access alternate functions of certain parameters. EXP/CV sets which parameter is controlled externally. Tap sets the tap tempo of the overall delay time. It’s all relatively self explanatory, really. You’ll just have to find your way around the alternate functions on the pedal.


Listen to a few audio demos below to find out more about the little extras available here. The pedal is currently on pre-order and the second batch should be shipping in early January. If you want to get your hands on one, follow the link below.

RRP – Pre-Order EUR 290 

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