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Mastro Valavola announces Area Multi Reverb MkII pedal

Mastro Valvola announces Area Multi Reverb MkII pedal  ·  Source: Mastro Valvola

Italian pedal manufacturer Mastro Valvola has been working on an update for its reverb, the Area Multi Reverb. V2 of this pretty lush sounding reverb has an ‘intelligent’ Timed Bypass System switching function. Eh, what?  

Before we get to the new bits, let’s take a look at the features of version 1. The Area Multi Reverb has four types: Reverb, Modulation, Shimmer 8th, Shimmer 8th + 5th. These add information to the reverb like a double voice chorus, “symphonic” shimmers tuned two octaves above or an octave plus 5th. The video below takes you through these modes.

This pedal has a dedicated pre-delay control, a decay knob and a shimmer volume control. The damp control modifies the emphasis on the reverberation frequencies, Mastro Valvola says. The pedal has an analogue signal path, so when the signal is dry, it won’t mess with your guitar’s tone.

Three presets are available, selected via the preset footswitch, making it a fairly versatile reverb pedal in a live scenario.

Mastro Valvola announces Area Multi Reverb MkII pedal

Mastro Valvola announces Area Multi Reverb MkII pedal

Timed Bypass System

What’s new in this MkII version is the Timed Bypass System. When trails are being produced, the pedal stays in buffered modes, switching to true bypass after the trails have ended. That helps keep your tone intact when the effect is not engaged. Neat.

Listening to the demo sounds, it certainly sounds like a good reverb pedal, with some studio-quality algorithms onboard. The way that it automatically switches from true-bypass and buffered settings, depending on whether you want reverb trails, is an added bonus.

Certainly one to consider for anyone looking for a decent pedal reverb for their rig.

RRP – EUR 225

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