String Audio Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Unsettling sounds from String Audio

10 Oct 2016 · Dark Matter is chillier than the icicle hanging from an alien monster's beard who is about to jump out at you from behind a disturbingly shaped landscape dripping with the terrors of a thousand haunted worlds.

SynthFest UK 2016: Show Report

03 Oct 2016 · A round up of all the fabulous synthesizers and modular on display at the Sheffield SynthFest. The industry is changing, you could feel it in the circuits.
Synapse The Legend

The Legend analogue modeling VSTi from Synapse

26 Sep 2016 · It's a Minimoog! Sorry for the spoiler but someone had to say it out loud. The Legend is apparently the most meticulously analogue modeling of circuitry ever attempted. What do you think?