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Wavesfactory Spectre

Wavesfactory Spectre seems to have all the saturation you need in your life.  ·  Source: Wavesfactory

Pretty colors and 7 types of saturation! Does that sound good? It’s the foundation of Spectre, a multi-band enhancer plug-in from the fine minds at Wavesfactory. Currently in development, Spectre features 5 EQ bands and each can be saturated and mixed together with the original signal.

The 7 saturation types include tube, solid state, diode, tape, Class A, bit reducer, and digital. Each saturation type has 3 modes – subtle, medium, and aggressive – so you can experiment with different degrees of audio mangling. Right, there’s nothing unheard of here, but that’s pretty much decades of musical saturation covered. If you need more than that, you should look up quantum mechanics or something!

Add options for Stereo, L/R or Mid/Side processing and you should have a potent combination for making any kind of instrument or work-in-progress mix/master sound thicker, fuller, and all-around bad-ass. Nothing adds vibe and cohesion to a rippin’ tune quite like a quality saturator does.

Unfortunately, there’s little else that we know about the upcoming plug-in. However, Spectre looks promising for sure. The developer says we’ll be hearing sound demos sometime soon, and we’re pretty excited about that. We love to get some quality saturation going on with our tracks any time of the day!

Check out Spectre’s development here. In the meantime, it’s not like you are starved of options when it comes to saturation plug-ins. Here are some for your discerning consideration: