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The strangely, although somehow aptly, named Demonic Virtuoso is the virtual harpsichord that you didn’t know you needed. Recorded at the Sonoteque Studios on the island of Mallorca they used three microphone positions (close, decca and outrigger) to sample every single note on the instrument, including multiple timed releases. This being an instrument for Kontakt, Wavesfactory take full advantage of the scripting facility to recreate the behaviour and playability of the original instrument. They go as far to say that there’s no difference between this library and the real thing – which is quite a claim and I’m not sure the Early Music community will really appreciate it.


The GUI is nicely rendered in 3D giving it quite a charming look. There are three controlling sections: on the left you have filters, panning and stereo controls; in the centre you have three sliders giving you control over the three microphones; and on the right you can control the volume of release samples, alter the velocity curve and control the dynamic range. They’ve also included a rack of 12 DSP effects including a convolution reverb with 30 impulses.


Wavesfactory are renowned for their competent and cost effective sample libraries and for 29 Euros this is well recorded harpsichord. There are plenty of demos on the website which, for my ears at least, sound exactly like you expect them to. It’s a niche instrument but a welcome and enjoyable one.

Demonic Virtuoso is available now for a special price of EUR 19.95 until the 15th February when it reverts to 29 Euros.

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