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Klevgrand Reamp

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Swedish developer Klevgränd is known for its slick-looking and all-around polished plug-ins. Its latest release, REAMP, is a fine example of everything Klevgränd. REAMP is a modern processor with a heart of analog, which contains 7 analog saturation algorithms modeled on gear Klevgränd knows and loves.

The algorithms involve spectral modeling, which is said to be highly CPU-efficient and near latency-free. As for the gear recreations, they are based on gain responses across the full 20Hz – 20kHz frequency range.

Among the available modes are a casette deck, tape reel, and tube amplifiers. Additionally, a four-band drive section lets you squeeze in further harmonic content while a post-drive equalizer lets you put the final touches on the output sound. There’s also a Harmonics switch with hard-wired harmonic content presets.

Price & thoughts

REAMP is a joy to look at with its pastel colors, and judging by the provided audio examples, the sound is on point. A fully functional demo version with occasional sound disruptions is also available for hands-on testing, while unlocking the disruption-less Windows/Mac full version costs just USD 30 as of this moment. There’s also an iPad version, which costs a tenner.

For another fine example of a modern saturation box in plug-in form, have a look at the recently released Phil’s Cascade. It’s a tube saturator, modeled on a one-off boutique piece of work that’s engineered with new-old-stock components from esteemed brands. The analog saturation plug-in field has never been more exciting, to be honest. The processing power of modern computers is certainly being put to good use from today’s developers!

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