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Klevgränd Hood:ify

Klevgränd Hood:ify  ·  Source: Klevgränd

Klevgränd Hood:ify is the plug-in developer’s way of helping you stay creative during the crisis. Here’s how it works: Buy at least three of the company’s plug-ins, and get 50% off your entire cart. They also throw in a free additional license for a plug-in of your choice, which you can give to a friend.

Klevgränd Hood:ify

Many of us could use some sort of Robin Hood right now, as the Coronavirus forces us to stay at home and causes severe economic hardships for many musicians. That’s why many software developers are currently offering discounts, or even giving products away for free. Here’s our running list of free and discounted music content. Swedish developer Klevgränd has now joined in with its own version of a crisis deal – Hood:ify.

Put at least three of the company’s plug-ins in your virtual shopping cart and enter the coupon code ‘RobinHood’ at checkout, and your entire purchase will be 50% off. There are many plug-ins to choose from, like the Modley modular delay, Stark amp simulator, Reamp saturator, GotoEQ, Grand Finale, and many more. Whether you play guitar or produce your own tracks, you’ll find something useful for your plug-in collection.

To sweeten the deal even more, Klevgränd throws in a free additional license for a plug-in of your choice, which you can give to anyone you like. In Klevgränd’s own words:

„If you’re doing ok, stuck at home but still want to make music together with your friends, we’ve now added a temporary option to our store: Add at least three single products (desktop only) to your cart, and you’ll get one extra license of one of your new products (of your choosing) to give to a friend! Your total price will also be reduced by 50%.“

This offer is valid until April 20, 2020. That gives you plenty of time to try the plug-ins and decide which ones to buy.

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