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Klevgrand Grand Finale

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Swedish developer Klevgrand has released Grand Finale, an audio finalizer plug-in that features several processing modules within a fixed configuration. More specifically, these are a Master section with high-pass, signal trimming, and a limiter; an ADD section with Distortion, Compression, and Gain control; a Multiband compressor and an equalizer with fixed bass and treble frequencies.


With this set of tools, all kinds of mixes, stems, buses, and individual audio tracks can be finalized – which is applying the final processing touches before mastering is completed. Grand Finale is designed for quick finalizing work, so the amount of available controls is reduced to a minimum. Still, most modules offer a set of algorithms to select, and the degree of control over them is sufficient for the purpose.

Overall, we are impressed by Grand Finale. The plug-in is well thought out and has a very modern, sleek user interface that doesn’t compromise on intuitiveness, metering, or other relevant information and features. Such things help with standing out in the crowded mastering/finalization plug-ins market. Still, Grand Finale isn’t a complete mastering solution, neither it aims to be one. It’s a simple to use, yet powerful toolkit for adding a bit of mojo to audio that’s about to hit a full mastering chain.

Price & availability

Klevgrand’s Grand Finale is available in AU, VST, and AAX formats for Windows and Mac systems. The introductory price is 30 USD, down from 60 USD. A free demo version is available. This is a fair price for a capable audio finalizing plug-in with multiple processors.

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