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The Punch

Audio Assault is pulling punches at your audio with The Punch.  ·  Source:

Got some drums, voices, or any sort of audio material in need of a good fattening up? Don’t head to the hamburger restaurant yet – get Audio Assault’s The Punch!

Available for free until July 10, the $10 plug-in is of the “one knob” variety. No frills, no switches, no buttons – simply twist the knob until you like what you hear. This reminds us of the free Softube Saturation Knob plug-in, but the sound is probably radically different.

Audio Assault isn’t giving away any details on the types of processing going on behind the plug-in’s simple attire. We asked them for more details and we’ll update the post if we get a reply.

Until then, why not play around with this beast and see if it delivers the sort of punch that A. Joshua took down Klitschko with? Head to Audio Assault for the download!

Audio Assault is primarily known for virtual studio effects and guitar gear, such as its Dominator guitar amplifier and Head Crusher analog distortion. Punch could go well together with the aforementioned Head Crusher for layering distortion and saturation into an ungodly mess of an overdriven sound. Or it could be paired with XCTR, a simple to use harmonic exciter. It will bring out additional frequency content and further emphasize whatever Punch is doing to your tracks. Lots of options and ideas here!

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