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UAD software version 9.3 plug-ins

UAD software version 9.3 plug-ins  ·  Source: UAD

Universal Audio like to fill their incremental software updates with the tiniest of improvements and a splash of plug-ins. UAD 9.3 is no different. It’s hard to find what it is they’ve fixed but we do have 5 new plug-ins to get all in a lather about.

Korg SDD-3000 Digital Delay

Developed by Universal Audio themselves the Korg SDD-3000 Digital Delay is a classic 1980’s delay unit popularised by The Edge amongst other people. It’s analogue circuitry and digital 13bit delay engine all over the music of the period. There’s just over a seconds worth of delay time which you can also bring down for a bit of chorus, flange and phasing. But it’s the modulation side that brings the movement and depth with that Intensity knob messing with the pitch variation and the Frequency taking you from vibrato to slowly evolving Daniel Lanois-esque soundscapes.

Korg have endorsed it so it must be pretty much bang on. Does it come free with the 9.3 update? Of course not. That will be £149 please.

The other 4 plug-ins are from third party developers Softube, Sonnox, Brainworx and AMS Neve.

Dyronics Cyclosonic Panner

Softube bring us a revolutionary analog auto-panner from 1984. Apparently, they are very rare and are famous for deep panning and modulation effects. It has a variable and shapable LFO, 3D panning and a gate function for triggering. You’ve got to love those spinning LEDs. RRP $149.

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ

From the Oxford range of plug-ins we get a new EQ. But this one is dynamic and actually the first dynamic EQ to make it onto the UAD platform. A dynamic EQ responds to a side chain trigger so that it’s only applied for the split second that it’s needed to allow two sounds of overlapping frequencies to work together. Working with bass and a kick drum is the classic problem that this EQ tries to solve. The video below demonstrates this perfectly. RRP $249.

ENGL Savage 120 Amplifier

Brainworx have captured the “punishing, beastly punch of ENGL’s most diabolical high-gain amp”. Not sure I can top that description so I’ll leave you with the video. Although it’s worth pointing out that this plug-in features the Unison technology for Apollo interfaces which means that the pickups of the guitar will see exactly the same impedance load as if they were plugged into the actual amp. I’m sure that makes all the difference, but the idea is to give you that authentic “feel” of the original hardware. RRP $149.

AMS RMX16 Expanded

And number 4 is an update rather than a new plug-in – and they added the word “Expanded” to the title. The RMX16 was the world’s first microprocessor controlled, full-bandwidth, digital reverb. The plug-in was developed by AMS Neve themselves and is the only emulation to be found. It contains all the familiar sounds for you reverb spotters and this updated version has presets created by Steve Levine, Roos Hogarth, David Isaac and more. RRP $349 or $49 for owners of the original RMX16 plug-in.

UAD 9.3 Update

Anything of significance to the actual software? Well, the Moog Multimode Filter XL lane handles can now be dragged to a single step. The Unison technology for the ENGL amps has been added. The output value of the API2500 is now properly saved when the return to zero shortcut is used. So, you know, not a whole lot but you do have the chance to buy some nice new plug-ins.

More information on all the plug-ins available on the UAD website. Here are the software version history release notes.

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