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Universal Audio Plug-ins Update 9.2

Universal Audio has a big-time update for its software package  ·  Source:

Universal Audio‘s plug-in and hardware DSP package is in the “big boys” league when it comes to computer audio. Both its original software, authentic vintage hardware emulations, and hardware products are highly revered in the pro audio field. The company released version 9.2 of UAD Software, bringing forth updates, fixes, two new UAD plug-ins, and exclusive products by the likes of Antares and Softube. These are the UAD SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection, UAD Pure Plate Reverb, Antares Auto-Tune Realtime, Softube Eden WT800 Bass Amplifier, and Brainworx Fuchs Train II amplifier.


SSL 4K Bus Compressor

The SSL 4K Bus Compressor hardly needs an introduction. It’s the literal meaning behind the esoteric term “mixing glue” you hear top audio engineers and aspiring producers throw in discussions. Convincing emulations of it are abundant, but UAD has worked together with SSL to really bring this one to life with end-to-end circuit emulation and authentic control voltage summing. This plug-in is also available as a $149 upgrade to the SSL G Bus Compressor Legacy plug-in, or sold separately for $200.


Pure Plate Reverb

UAD’s Pure Plate Reverb is an original UAD design for classic mechanical plate reverb sounds. In addition to that 50s surf rock vibe, it has simple controls and several input filtering options – pre-delay, decay, bass, treble, balance, and wet/dry mix. The plug-in is also sold separately for $150.


Auto-Tune Realtime

Antares Auto-Tune Realtime will get you the loved and hated sound of robotically-tuned vocals with “the lowest latency in the industry” when paired with the UAD Apollo audio interface and UAD-2 hardware DSP. This makes it good for stage use as well. The plug-in is also sold separately for $249.


Eden WT800 Bass Amplifier

Softube‘s Eden WT800 Bass Amplifier simulates a serious piece of kit employed by top touring artists. It has an interesting Unison feature where Apollo interface owners will have the exact same impedance load of the original unit matched. This allows for a more true-to-life response and sound. The plug-in is bundled with 1×15 and 4×10 cabinets. It’s also sold separately for $149.


Brainworx Fuchs Train II

Brainworx’s Fuchs Train II guitar amp plug-in captures the character of Ken Fischer’s Trainwreck boutique guitar amps as recreated by Fuchs’ “Trainwreck-inspired” Train II amp. The unit is capable of clean, crunch, and aggressive rock and roll type of sounds, so don’t look up to this one for your pet doom metal project. It still has The Unison impedance matching feature is available here as well for owners of UAD hardware. There are also built-in FX such as vintage delay, noise gate, filter controls, internal power soak, and pre-post amp FX loops. Pretty cool! The plug-in is also sold separately for $149.

Overall, it’s a strong release with high-quality products thrown in for good measure. Cheers to UAD and let’s see what else they’ll bring throughout 2017!

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