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Nembrini Audio Delay3000

Nembrini Audio Delay3000 Vintage Modern Repeater  ·  Source: Nembrini Audio /


Nembrini Audio has released the Delay3000 Vintage Modern Repeater plug-in. The Delay3000 draws inspiration from the classic Roland SDE-3000 digital delay of the 80s, but adds a modern twist. With features like modulation, ducking, and a filter, it looks like an interesting delay plug-in for creative sound design, and classic guitar tones.


The Roland SDE-3000 was a popular studio unit back when it came out in 1985. Today, it’s probably most famous for being a staple in the racks of many guitarists of the time, most notably Steve Vai. Nembrini Audio says that its simulation adds new features, so it’s not an exact emulation of the Roland delay, but rather inspired by it. The differences are visible at first glance, as the Delay3000 looks completely different with a more intuitive-looking, rotary knob based GUI. Given the SDE-3000’s push button interface, that can only be a good thing.

Modern and vintage modes

According to Nembrini Audio, the Delay3000 Vintage Modern Repeater features 16 stereo multitap patterns. In addition to modern digital delays the plug-in lets you select a vintage mode with a “more analog sound”, so Nembrini says. The developers also added distortion modelling with “grit” and “smear” parameters, and of course modern amenities like tempo sync.

The ducking circuit automatically dampens the delayed signal when the dry signal is playing. Furthermore, the delay tail can be modulated with chorus and tremolo effects. There’s also a modulated, resonant low-pass filter to further shape the sound of the delay.


It’s getting harder and harder to decide which of this year’s many new delay plug-ins are really worth it. Among other recent releases like ValhallaDelay, Audiority PlexiTape, Klevgränd Modley, Overloud OTD-2, and others, the Delay3000 will need to sound really good to stand out. But it has some promising features, and the very generous introductory offer at over 70% off does sound tempting.

Compatibility and price

The Nembrini Audio Delay3000 Vintage Modern Repeater is available for Windows (VST2, VST3, AAX), and macOS (VST2, VST3, AU, AAX). It uses the iLok copy protection system, but an iLok key is not required. The plug-in is on sale until the end of July for USD 29, down from USD 97.

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Nembrini Audio Delay3000

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