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Overloud OTD-2

Overloud OTD-2  ·  Source: Overloud


Overloud has released the OTD-2 plug-in, an emulation of the A/DA STD-1 bucket brigade delay of the 1980s. It features six taps per channel with independent panning controls. This means that you have extensive control over the delay’s famous stereo widening effect.


Like the Brainworx STD-1, which exclusive to the UAD environment, the Overloud OTD-2 is inspired by the analog, bucket-brigade-based A/DA STD-1. The original came out around 1980 and was especially popular among guitarists during the 80s. With a rather short delay time, but extensive modulation and stereo widening capabilities, the original is more of a flexible chorus / flanger than an echo effect. But Overloud says that its version expands the possibilities with some modern improvements.

Vintage emulation with modern enhancements

Overloud says that the OTD-2 is a “faithful recreation” of the original. However, it does offer some modern twists like the ability to work on stereo input signals. It also features an extended delay time of 1600 ms and tempo sync. I think that’s great, as it wouldn’t have made sense to stick to the original’s measly 55 milliseconds in a software recreation. While the longer time may not be original, it enables you to do much more with the delay (e.g. actual echos).

Six taps and lots of modulation

The OTD-2 has six delay taps per channel, which can be activated and panned individually. This lets you get creative with the stereo effect of the delay. The plug-in can operate in dual-mono, stereo, and reverb modes. For modulation, there is a dual LFO circuit, which Overloud says lets you “create three-dimensional layering effects”. The plug-in also has a regeneration feature for flanging, resonant effects. The coloration effect of the bucket brigade emulation can be adjusted.

I think that the Overloud OTD-2 expands on the original in just the right places, making it a very promising delay plug-in. Like me, you’re probably wondering if you really need another delay. But if they got the awesome coloration and stereo widening of the original right (which it seems they did), I think it’s unique enough to justify.



The Overloud OTD-2 is available for macOS (VST, AU, AAX32, AAX64) and Windows (VST, AAX32, AAX64). There are also stand-alone versions for both operating systems.

Price and availability

The Overloud OTD-2 is now available at the company’s website for an introductory price of 79 Euros. The regular price will be 129 Euros.

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Overloud OTD-2

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