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Nembrini Audio F-Pedals Eddie Kramer Edstortion Bundle

Nembrini Audio / F-Pedals Eddie Kramer Edstortion Bundle  ·  Source: Nembrini Audio


Talk about cool collaborations: Nembrini Audio has teamed up with F-Pedals and Eddie Kramer to release the Eddie Kramer Edstortion pedal as a plug-in. Two plug-ins, to be exact, because the Edstortion 3 Mode distortion plug-in comes in two versions. One resembles the guitar pedal and faithfully models its sound and simple controls, while the other looks like a rack unit and offers many additional settings.


Eddie Kramer Edstortion plug-in

If you’re not a guitarist, you may not be familiar with F-Pedals by F Audio Labs and the Eddie Kramer Edstortion pedal. It’s a 3-mode distortion pedal, which was developed in collaboration with legendary producer Eddie Kramer, of Hendrix and Led Zeppelin fame. The pedal produces a wide range of sounds from a subtle crunch to heavily compressed distortion. Now Nembrini Audio has joined forces with F-Pedals to make this distortion available as a plug-in. And given that Igor Nembrini has worked on guitar amp and pedal emulations for much of his career, that sounds very promising.

The bundle contains two plug-ins. The “pedal”version of the Edstortion plug-in faithfully recreates the look and simple interface of the pedal. It only has a handful of controls. There’s a 3-way switch, which selects one of the three distortion modes. Three knobs let you set the volume, tone, and distortion level. That’s it, and in many cases, that’ll be all you need.

Nembrini Audio F-Pedals Eddie Kramer Edstortion Bundle

Edstortion rack plug-in · Source: Nembrini Audio

Rack version with additional controls

The “rack” version of the Edstortion plug-in is a whole new story. It’s based on the same pedal emulation, but offers many additional controls for shaping the sound. The mode switch is the same, but then it gets interesting. The plug-in operates in L/R or M/S modes. The analog link switch offsets the two channels for a vintage vibe, and there’s a spread control for added stereo width. The two channels have independent controls for distortion, tone, dry/wet and volume, each of which can be linked individually. The rack plug-in also features overall input and output level knobs and meters, as well as a knob labeled “X-Bass”, which is a combined 45 Hz shelf and 850 Hz scoop. With this level of detail, the Edstortion plug-in should be capable of a huge variety of distorted, overdriven and saturated sounds – not just for guitars.


Price and compatibility

The Nembrini Audio / F-Pedals Eddie Kramer Edstortion 3 Mode Distortion Bundle is now available from the Nembrini Audio website. Until November 24, 2019, you can get the two plug-ins for USD 69, down from USD 139. The plug-ins run on Windows 7 and up and Mac OS X 10.9 and up. They come in VST2, VST3, AU and AAX formats. You’ll need an iLok account for authorization.

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Nembrini Audio F-Pedals Eddie Kramer Edstortion Bundle

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