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Nembrini Audio BG Extasy Boutique Guitar Amplifier  ·  Source: Nembrini Audio


Nembrini Audio has just announced its new BG Extasy Boutique Guitar Amplifier, modeled on the Bogner Ecstasy 101B head. With Nembrini’s solid reputation for making great-sounding virtual amp rigs combining with the cachet of Bogner Amps, this plug-in could prove popular.


Nembrini Audio BG Extasy Boutique Guitar Amplifier

What a week for fans of the famed Red Channel drive tone! Only yesterday, Bogner released its new Mini Ecstasy 30-watt amp head with a Red Channel voicing. Now Nembrini Audio has just announced its take on the same tone, this time for your DAW.

Bognor Ecstasy Mini

Yesterday’s announcement of the Bogner Ecstasy Mini means we are spoilt for choice!

Red Channel

I have one of the Bogner Ecstasy Red pedals, and I find that tone very useable as a good, high-gain amp tone. Now you can get that tone for your DAW setup, thanks to the new Nembrini Audio BG Extasy Boutique Guitar Amplifier. As a virtual amp, it costs a lot less than hardware and makes it easy to record those tones in your tracks.

Nembrini Audio BG Extasy

Nembrini Audio BG Extasy

Three Voices

The BG Extasy Boutique Guitar Amplifier plug-in has three voices. These channels cover all your main bases for this type of boutique amp head tone. All three amp channels use a virtual all-tube circuit design, so it should maintain the feel of a quality amp played at volume, all packaged neatly into a plug-in inside your DAW.

Nembrini Audio BG Extasy Boutique Guitar Amplifier

Nembrini Audio BG Extasy Boutique Guitar Amplifier

Three Channels

Channel 1 has controls for Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, and Volume, plus a three-position pre-EQ and a gain boost. Channel 2 and Channel 3 both have Gain, Volume, and a three-position pre-EQ, along with shared Bass, Middle and Treble controls. They also share the Structure, Boost and a Plexi Mode switches.

You also have at your disposal two assignable presence controls with excursion switches that give you either a Loose and Tight feel.

Nembrini Audio BG Extasy Boutique Guitar Amplifier virtaul cabs and mics

Nembrini Audio BG Extasy Boutique Guitar Amplifier virtual cabs and mics


The suite allows you to choose any of six different guitar cabinets, along with four microphone emulations each with an on/off-axis position switch. There are continuous position and distance controls, too. Nembrini has also included a Noise Gate and a ‘cleaner circuit to improve your overall tone‘. I suspect this will all add up to a nice, neat, focused recording – without all the hiss you’d expect from a high-gain amp setup, virtual or otherwise.

Finally, you also have access to a three-slot Impulse Loader to load your favourite IRs. You can blend between all three IRs, too. Controls are available for Volume, Pan, Phase, Solo and Mute.

Nembrini Audio BG Extasy on iOS

Nembrini Audio BG Extasy on iOS

Introductory Pricing and Formats

The suite is available for an introductory price of $39 on launch and will then go up to the standard $137 after 19 September. It runs in VST2, VST3, AAX, and Audio Units formats for Windows and Mac platforms. It requires a free iLok account to authorise the software on your system. The AuV3 format for iOS can be purchased for $9.99 instead of the normal $19.99 via the Apple App Store.

You can read the full details and download a free trial from the link below.

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