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Aurora 7

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Dual and multi-display workstations are as common in music production setups. Although DAW and plug-in developers are doing a great job with single-window and resizable interfaces, more screen real estate never seems to hurt. It’s also a practical necessity for work like film scoring.


The biggest multi-screen music setup I’ve seen on the internet belongs to film composer and industrial rock badass Charlie Clouser. It’s 3 screens of Logic Pro and one screen of film, all at sizeable diagonals. I didn’t think I’d see a more ginormous take on multi-screens, but a manufacturer called Expanscape would like to have a word…

Aurora 7 – the seven-screen laptop workstation

Expanscape created a prototype laptop workstation with no less than seven integrated displays. The gutsy computer powers four 17.3-inch 4K screens (two in landscape and two in portrait) alongside three 7-inch HD resolution displays. The monitors fold and swivel in and out of the laptop in what probably looks like a giant enemy robot transforming itself for an attack.

At a mere 12 kilograms, the Aurora 7 is a bulky piece of machinery. But it’s certainly more portable than a laptop with six extra screens. The thick chassis houses an Intel Core i9-9900K CPU, 64GB of DDR4-2666 memory, a single Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU, three SSD drives and one hard drive. Two batteries – one 82Wh and one 148Wh – provide about 2 hours of unplugged use. Some liberty in configuration is allowed as well – for example, you can throw in an AMD Ryzen CPU or whatever Intel is selling off the top shelf at the moment.

Understandably, such a device is completely overkill for the majority of music producers. Expanscape is eyeing security operators, data scientists, and maybe the most maniacal of stock traders as its clientele. Who knows, maybe you are a music producer, a data scientist, and a stock trader on the side. That’s three screens of Ableton, three screens of stonks and one for Zoom-ing with the test lab. Anyway, if a 7-screen monster of a laptop workstation is what you need to pull off a landmark record, you’d be happy to know that the Aurora 7 prototypes are on sale and being built to order. You’ll have to drop Expanscape an inquiry and ask for the price. The manufacturer is based in the United Kingdom.

Expanscape Aurora 7

Expanscape Aurora 7 – click to view full size

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Aurora 7

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