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Realme Book Slim laptop

The Realme Book Slim could be an impressive option for musicians running Windows  ·  Source: Realme


Known up until now as a smartphone manufacturer, Realme is wading into the laptop market with the Book Slim. A relatively lightweight package with an affordable price tag, its minimalistic Macbook-esque appearance certainly gives it visual appeal. On paper, it ticks all the right boxes, giving you a laptop with more than adequate performance and build quality, at a price point that will appeal to cash-strapped producers.


What makes the Realme Book Slim different?

From the anodized, sandblasted aluminum alloy casing to the 14-inch 2K LCD IPS display, the Realme Book Slim is clean and unobtrusive at first glance. Available in two distinct options, equipped with 11th-gen Core i3-1115G4 and Core i5-1135G7 processors respectively. The i5 option seems like the one a musician or creator would be more likely to gravitate toward. However, without a thorough DAW test, we can only speculate from the specs for now. There are two non-upgradable memory configurations, 8GB and 16GB LPDDR4X, but the i5 model has a few added features such as Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi 6, and Thunderbolt 4 support, which may be useful to those running professional-grade peripherals.

Realme Book Slim alternate views.

Simplicity meets practicality in a new laptop from Realme.

As a package, the feature list doesn’t show many areas of concern. But some may find the dual-fan system a tad excessive for a 14-inch laptop. So be ready with your favorite third-party fan-control app to calm the beast. The reported raw performance data is hardly the Apple-killing kind, and a proper shootout running a DAW would be needed to see exactly what the Book Slim can pull off. Looking at the price point and specs, though, this is an impressive first offering from Realme, starting at $650 for the i3 and $800 for the i5. Many may look past some of the rough edges and embrace this as a rather well-built laptop at a competitive price.

As always with new PC latptops, a caveat: laptops running Windows may not be suitable for real-time audio production out-of-the-box. Before you buy, check to see what kind of performance musicians and producers are experiencing running your DAW and audio device drivers.

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Realme Book Slim laptop

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3 responses to “Meet the Realme Book Slim, an affordable Macbook-style PC laptop”

    Ron Robins says:

    This is all well and good but a MacBook Air M1 is not much more new, and refurbs are available. They gotta do better on the price to really compete with what’s already out here

    Peter says:

    I bought for 800 euro a macbook air m1 was much better deal in my opinion 😛

    Ab. says:

    This is definitely crossing the line from “inspired by” to blatant rip-off

    But seriously… i5 ? 8Gb of RAM ?

    This computer is NOT suited for music production… why are you even talking about it ?

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