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The Framework laptop in all its glory

Framework's customizable laptop, aimed at the technically inclined.  ·  Source: Framework

Framework's new upgradable laptop.

The right-to-repair movement now seems more purposeful.  ·  Source: Framework

Framework user repairable laptop L

Framework: A fully user-repairable and customizable laptop  ·  Source: Framework


Exercising your right-to-repair has never been so fun or intuitive as opening up your new laptop from San Francisco-based startup, Framework. With a group of ex-Lenovo, Apple, and HTC designers they have built the company’s ethos around user customization, upgradability, and repairability. This philosophy is consistent throughout the new 13.5-inch Framework laptop. From the screen bezel to the AC adapter, virtually every part is replaceable and – most importantly – by you. And it ships with a screwdriver in its hip and wholesome brown cardboard packaging.

The Framework laptop in all its glory

Framework’s customizable laptop, aimed at the technically inclined.

What’s inside the Framework laptop?

When you open this machine from Framework up, you’re confronted with a slightly more engaging view than you may be used to. Wherever possible, each individual part bears its own QR-coded sticker that takes you directly to its respective user manual. The screws are color-coded and there are even helpful directions for carefully dismantling the machine. Perhaps what captures the customizable design ethos the most is the Expansion Card system, giving the Framework laptop 4 bays for connectivity or storage. Choose from USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, DisplayPort, MicroSD, or SSD expansion cards that connect via USB 3.2.

Framework's customization friendly expansion cards

The Framework Expansion card system is the first of its kind.

How do I get my hands on one?

The Framework laptop is currently available in two variants: a standard model at $999, and a configured to order DIY spec’d model starting at $749. Higher specifications do run up the price tag, but somehow the idea of investing in a more sustainable item that will likely see everyday use makes it worthwhile. Does this laptop offer studio-grade performance and is the build-quality road-worthy for touring? This remains to be seen, the word “tank” wasn’t mentioned, however, at the very least you can replace virtually any part and customize the I/O of the machine to fit your highly specific needs. Now available for pre-order in the UK, Germany, and France!

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