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The Kali Audio LP-UNF: Quality Affordable Desktop Monitors

The Kali Audio LP-UNF: Quality Affordable Desktop Monitors  ·  Source: Kali Audio


The Kali Audio LP-UNF is an affordable desktop studio monitoring system with impressive punch, clarity, and translation properties.


As you’d expect from Kali Audio, they’ve done extensive market research in order to deliver a more competitive solution for your home studio setup.

Effective studio monitoring systems are becoming increasingly accessible, and the Kali LP-UNF (Ultra Near-Field) is clear evidence of this. What’s more, the team at Kali has already built a great reputation with their range of Lone Pine budget studio monitors, so we can anticipate new developments with excitement.

Kali Audio LP-UNF

The LP-UNF is a compact studio monitor system built with a 4.5-inch woofer and a 1-inch dome tweeter. Its front-ported design uses the left speaker as the amplifier with a volume control and all connectivity situated on the rear panel.

However, don’t be fooled, as the LP-UNF can reach up to 105 dB SPL with a frequency response of 39 Hz – 25 kHz, which is impressive for a speaker system in this class.

Connectivity is inclusive, to say the least, with all the bases covered. This includes both balanced TRS and unbalanced RCA inputs, as well as Bluetooth 5.1 and USB-C. Here, the built-in DA converter runs at up to 24-bit 48 kHz.


In addition, this LP-UNF system gives you the tools to tune it to better suit your listening environment. Very few of us are using room treatment, so the Boundary EQ will compensate for proximity to walls, desktop surfaces, and other equipment in your studio.

Overall, the LP-UNF looks like an ideal solution for home studios on a budget. Also, the Kali Audio reputation means you’ll get a set of monitors that can actually deliver good results.

Pricing and availability:

The LP-UNF is currently available from Thomann.

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Kali Audio LP-UNF
Kali Audio LP-UNF

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The Kali Audio LP-UNF: Quality Affordable Desktop Monitors

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2 responses to “The Kali Audio LP-UNF: Quality Affordable Desktop Monitors”

    Someone says:

    “Output to secondary” is a big no go for studio monitors. It just calls for trouble, but I guess they have to keep the price down somehow.

    There are better choices in the same price range are available.

    Terry says:

    AC adaptor instead of onboard power supply.
    Now that’s cheap!

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