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The Cursible

The Cursible  ·  Source: Sacrament Modular

The Cursible is nearing release and Sacrament Modular are beginning to post details on this intriguingly demonic morphing effects-send matrix. Let’s check it out.

Update: Now available for preorder (24/01/21) for €220 and should ship in May. This article was original posted in September 2020.

The Cursible

This is a 6-channel routing and blending module designed to act as a cross modulating effects send, sequence morphing mixer through to “cadavre exquis style mixing of sound sources or control voltages. ” It features a number of modes of operation where you can manually send signals through by holding a button in Piano mode or sequence the movements in a Clock mode that can also run backwards and in pendulum rotations. You can modulate the switching with the CV mode on get your hands on the big knob in Manual mode. All modes give you a morph timing to fade between switches.

The Cursible

The Cursible

Yeah, I’m not sure that explains it really. You’ve got 6 send outputs and 6 return inputs and an audio input which you can route out any or all of these outputs. The big dial in the middle selects the routing and that can be messed about manually or via CV. So you could route it out to different effects boxes, or maybe have a number of sequences coming in to combine with the main sequence going through and all the time The Cursible is switching between the 6 channels of stuff.

This video helps to understand it I think:

In this video you’ve got a sawtooth wave being routed through 4 different filters:

There are many more quick feature videos on the Instagram and Facebook page.

Sacrament Modular says that The Cursible has been a labour of love for 5 years and they have teamed up with Erica Synths for the manufacturing. It will only be available via a crowdfunding campaign which is nows open via Erica Synths. I’m really looking forward to this one.

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