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Tangible Waves MultiFX

Tangible Waves MultiFX  ·  Source: Tangible Waves

Tangible Waves wants everyone to get into modular synthesis and so invented the AE Modular “Modular for the masses” system which is cheap, accessible and very groovy. The latest module is a MultiFX unit capable of delivering 15 different stereo audio effects.


AE Modular is a great little system. It’s not pretty, it’s not Eurorack but it gives you a genuinely modular experience in hardware. It has all the discovery and sonic possibilities that you’ll find in “proper” modular. There are currently 27 modules available in the AE Modular format and although they are not mechanically compatible you could still route CV in and out of a Eurorack rig. AE Modular uses patch-wires rather than 3.5mm patch cables which is one of the things that keeps the price down.

The new MultiFX module is a good example of why AE Modular is so great. It features a high-quality, high-end effects processor (as found in the TipTop Z-DSP) but bound up in their minimal front panel and simple connections. This gives you a whole load of audio processing for under 100 Euros. It contains all the usual effects like reverb, delay, chorus and so on that come on the FV-1 DSP chip but Tangible Waves have added some more unusual ones like “shimmer”, ring-mod and “glitch”. There’s a switch to halve the sample rate to give you some crunchier longer delay times and reverb tails.

Tangible Waves MultiFX

Tangible Waves MultiFX

It’s a great module that brings something special to the sound of the AE Modular system. Check out the video below to check it out.

MultiFX is available now in small quantities for an introductory price of €95. Further batches will be along in a few weeks.

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