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Modbap Per4mer

Modbap Per4mer  ·  Source: Modbap


Per4mer is a 4-channel effects module designed for live jamming and performance and inspired by the sorts of button mashing effects you find on DJ equipment – sounds like fun!



Feed in some audio and then go to town on the 4 buttons to build your creative effect based noodling. Each button handles a different effect and can latch or just be held momentarily for the moment of awesomeness to pass.

There are 4 performance effects: Delay, Reverb, Glitch and Tape Stop, and 2 processing effects: Color and Compression. The 4 knobs at the top can control parameters for each effect as it’s selected and they also have CV inputs for external modulation.

The Color processor has 4 presets giving you Classic 12bit, Lofi 8bit, Saturation and Wax. Combining this with other effects can bring an interesting change of mood like pushing the Reverb from Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi and back again or pumping with the compressor in the side-chain. Oh, yes, the compressor has a sidechain input which also has auto-activation detection.

The Glitch effect is your classic beat repeat and looper with pitch shift and reverse. The Tape Stop does exactly what you think.

There are Gate inputs for triggering the buttons and it also benefits from stereo input and output.


This is Modbap Modular’s first product and it’s a pretty exciting way to impact the modular community. Per4mer is fun, engaging and will make any chin-stroking modular performer feel instantly cooler and more happening as it adds some unexpected spice to your musing – we all need a bit of that.

Per4mer is open for preorders for $399 and will ship on the 11th November.

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Modbap Per4mer

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