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Behringer SPACE FX

Behringer SPACE FX  ·  Source: Behringer


Using the power of Klark Teknik effects algorithms Behringer has announced a Eurorack stereo effects processor module called SPACE FX.



No, it’s not quite available yet, but at least with this announcement, Behringer has come up with a proper marketing video that lends it a bit more weight. Apparently, it is completely ready to go as soon as they can get the chips. That’s become a bit of a Behringer catchphrase. However, the SPACE FX looked interesting enough to talk about ahead of any realistic ETA.

SPACE FX is a 24-bit stereo effects module that features 32 effect algorithms with 3 adjustable parameters. You get 15 reverb types including rooms, chambers, halls, plates and springs. There are 8 different delay and modulation effects including echo, chorus, flanger, phaser and a bunch of special effects to mess with pitch, formats and distortion. Behringer says that you can combine effects for a bit of reverb and chorus, and that sort of thing. The “FX ON/OFF” switch that you see in the video has actually been replaced with a High/Low input level switch which means it should run good with both Eurorack and Line level inputs. That’s a useful feature.

Behringer SPACE FX

Behringer SPACE FX

At an estimated price of $49 it’s cheap enough for you to buy 3 or 4 if you want to make use of lots of different effects simultaneously. The screen is lovely and bright, the interface is nicely clear and the video demo is rather underwhelming.

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Where’s the CV?

However, if I may offer a little bit of criticism the SPACE FX appears to lack those features that make Eurorack great. There are no CV inputs and so no CV control over any of the parameters. While a tap tempo is handy a Clock input is really what you need for any time-based effects in Eurorack. If I’m being really picky the flow diagram at the bottom doesn’t even seem to represent the actual signal flow. Surely it’s ADC to DAC with an FX Send and Return to the DSP? It’s also a bit of a space stealer.

Anyway, I guess you could see SPACE FX as a set-and-forget type of effects module where it sits on the end of an audio chain rather than being an integral part of your patch. I’ve no doubt that it will sound better than the demo when used with more than BRAINS.

This is one of the many things I’m looking forward to once those blasted chips finally materialise.

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Behringer SPACE FX

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5 responses to “Behringer SPACE FX: 32 Stereo effects module powered by Klark Teknik”

    Jim says:

    Looking at the algo’s some of the signal path would be expected to be all through dsp, others as sends and returns, possible they could have sent it all through digital to deal with latency issues, no idea but was a issue on the deepmind between the 2 options on some effects.. High enough res though to not trouble me if is as stated.

    Sblackt says:

    This is weird, can’t even really hear the effects when turned up and hands down the worst demo video B has put out. Didn’t even dig into the parameters? Are they trying to sell this thing or not? Also, at least one CV-in, even if its effect level seems like a no-brainer.

    jason moyer says:

    I don’t understand the point of modules that don’t have CV control.

    flex dupont says:

    I can see the appeal of this in a DAWless configuration. To add some stereo space to mono synth before the final mix. They come cheap, you can add one at the end of every bus.
    Depends on the DSP parameters though. I hate having no control on the frequency output range of my wet reverb signal. I usually cut the low frequencies and reduce meds in my reverb wet signal to avoid mudding everything. If it’s not directly doable internally with this module I’d rather do my spatialisation in a DAW.

    Easy Behringer... says:

    All you need to do Behringer is to take the wonderful Deepmind effects, a decent screen, cv and MIDI in for sync, a Mic in, stick it in compact box or Eurorack modules, job’s a good ‘un. The effects on the Deepmind are great, but it has no audio input. A little box or Eurorack module would sell well at £150 – £200

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