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Happy Nerding FX AID XL

Happy Nerding FX AID XL  ·  Source: Happy Nerding

A bit of space and modulation is always appreciated in Eurorack I think and Happy Nerding has released a larger version of the multi-effects FX AID module to accommodate people just like me.


The FX AID is a very cool multi-effects module featuring 32 effects in 4 banks of 8. You have control over 3 parameters plus a separate dry/wet knob. Happy Nerding has a ridiculous amount of effects available for uploading to the FX AID. You do it via a natty editor which allows you to allocate any effect to any of the 32 slots. There are currently 26 delay effects, 14 modulation effects, 48 reverbs, 8 shaper effects, and 9 shifter effects. There are all sorts of stuff in here, they’ve modelled effects on devices like the Magneto, BigSky, the Eventide Blackhole and Clouds. And there’ll be more over time.

Check out this comparison with the BigSky effects box.

The XL version widens the module to give those knobs a bit more room and added some useful labels to remind you what they are likely to be doing. and adds modulation inputs over each of the 3 parameters plus a Sample Rate Reducer input that plays with the internal clock.

FX AID XL is available now for $250.

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