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Disting EX

Disting EX  ·  Source: Expert Sleepers

Expert Sleepers has announced the Super Duper Disting EX Plus a. It’s like two Distings smashed together with an awesome interface, higher sample rate and much more memory.

Disting EX

The front panel is very much like two Distings side-by-side. All the inputs and outputs are DC Coupled meaning it can handle CV or audio for both modulation and controlling duties and audio processing and effects.

New features include an 8-voice polyphonic sample player, a stereo tape delay and a WAV recorder for capturing your performances. It comes with a 32FM microSD card pre-loaded with content from Spitfire Audio, Goldbaby and Adventure Kid. It’s also compatible with the Doepfer CV/Gate bus and the Select Bus.

The Disting EX runs at a sample rate of 96kHz has more RAM so reverbs and delays can be longer and the triggering latency for samples has been shaved down. And let’s not forget the celebration of an OLED display so we might actually be able to navigate the thing!

The Disting is a staple module in everyone’s rack, it has some many possibilities and it gives you a chance to try out all sorts of things in your rack. This is a very welcome development and will undoubtedly be the module to have in 2020.

The Disting EX should be available about now for £298.

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