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Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4.1

Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4.1  ·  Source: Expert Sleepers

We don’t always cover incremental updates but the 4.1 firmware update for the Disting Mk4 had a couple of additions that I thought were worth making a fuss about.

Disting Mk4.1

The new Disting module is a multi-function masterpiece of Eurorack engineering. It has an enormous amount of functionality built into its 4HP size. In the 4.1 update they’ve added a number of extra funtions along with updates to existing ones, but there were two that caught my eye.

Audio Recording

The first is the Audio Recorder. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But actually the method of recording the output of your modular rack is a subject of some debate. Some people run audio out to their DAW, some record with handheld recorders, phones and cameras. I’ve often seen the desire for a simple way of recording a performance expressed in online discussions. Well now the Disting has you covered. It works as an insert into the signal chain, so whatever you plug in comes straight out the outputs. The new little display shows that the recording is running along with the tiniest level meters in the world to ensure you’re not clipping. You’re recording directly to an SD card so the length of recording will be down to that. Once you’re finished you’ll have a perfect recording of your performance – excellent.


The other function was combined with a load of MIDI functionality. But the stand-out feature was the MIDI-to-CV and CV-to-MIDI conversion. Terribly useful in a Eurorack. With the MIDI-to-CV you get a CV and gate output in response to your MIDI keyboard or sequencer. It features pitch bend range control and transposing.

Going the other way you plug in a gate signal and a CV/pitch signal and to fires out the corresponding MIDI information. In the videos they use their own handy MIDI breakout module which attaches to the MIDI pins on the back of the Disting. If you want to use the MIDI facilities you’ll have to either build something yourself or use theirs – although I can’t find any mention of it on the website as yet.

It’s a remarkable module that just keeps getting better. More information and details on how to update your Disting Mk4 can be found on the Expert Sleepers website.

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