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Expert Sleepers FH-2

Expert Sleepers FH-2  ·  Source: Gearnews


The Expert Sleepers FH-2 is an updated version of their FH-1 “Faderhost” module. The idea is that it creates a bridge between MIDI and CV devices while having a couple of other tricks up its sleeve.



The front panel redesign is nice, with a more pleasing, minimalist layout and a rather good-looking screen.

The most common usage is to plug a MIDI/USB keyboard directly into the module via USB (it powers it for you) and use it to play your modular. Up to 16 notes of polyphonic conversion with optional pitch/gate/velocity and CV per note. It also has the ability to arpeggiate and deal with keyboard splits. The FH-2 also supports MPE controllers with up to 16 simultaneous touches converted with full position/pressure/glide etc. per touch.


You can extend the MIDI control possiblities by adding the FHX-1 expander to give up to 64 outputs. This means you can combine and connect multiple MIDI controllers via a USB hub.

The FH-2 also likes to deal with grooveboxes. It can be the master clock or route multiple clocks at different divisions along with run/stop and triggers. In fact the FH-2 can act as a master clock for your rack all by itself. And also generate LFOs while it’s at it. It also has the ability to be a step sequencer.

Connect a computer to it in order to configure via SysEx on a webpage interface.

The FH-2 should be available in June for £249.

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Expert Sleepers FH-2

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