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Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4

Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 - first production model  ·  Source: Expert Sleepers

Oh my days. Expert Sleepers are becoming masters of the tease. The new version of their uber-popular multi-functional Eurorack module was announced at NAMM in January. We’ve all been waiting patiently for the Disting MK4 to arrive so that we can immediately put it into our racks. Over the last couple of days Expert Sleeper’s Andrew Ostler has dripped images of the module all over social media but completely ignores questions on availability.

Disting Mk4

The Disting is an unassuming 4hp module that almost everyone agrees is one of the most useful modules in Eurorack. It started out with 16 functions such as sample-and-hold, LFO, quantizer, waveshaper, delay but has since been expanded with more banks and more variations on functionality. You’ve now got whole banks of filters, envelopes, effects and audio and MIDI files playback.

Obviously, it’s a useful module but you could also see it as a way of trying out all sorts of modular functionality before investing in a dedicated module. Because, let’s face it, 4hp and a couple of knobs do not make for the most user-friendly interface.

With the mk4 they address this slightly by adding a dot matrix display which greatly improves the menu access and navigation. They’ve also repositioned the SD card slot on the front, so you no longer have to unscrew the module to access it. It also gains an internal clock allowing for functions such as tuning, and pitch and frequency references. It’s also compatible with the Macro Machines Storage Strip for saving and loading settings.

When they announced it they said the availability would be “early March” and time is getting on. The mk3 is out of stock pretty much everywhere I’ve looked and no one is taking pre-orders. Pricing according to Expert Sleepers Facebook page is £139 but the link only takes you to their home page.

So, come on Andrew, spill the beans, and will someone please take my money!

Some videos of the functionality of the Mk4 have just been uploaded to YouTube:

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