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Behringer System 100 prototype

Behringer System 100 prototype  ·  Source: Behringer

Some time ago we reported on Behringer’s desire to replicate the Roland System 100m modular synthesizer as Eurorack modules. They released some mock-up images and tested interest on the internet. As they’ve updated us on everything else that’s “in the pipeline” I guess Uli thought he should catch us up on the Eurorack stuff, which is great because I’d forgotten about it.

Behringer Eurorack

Uli says that they’ve completed the first prototype of the 110 module which is a little synth voice consisting of a VCO, VCF and VCA. 5 others are in the immediate pipeline and he reckons they have plans for 40 over the next two years.

Behringer System 100 prototype

Behringer System 100 prototype

The price? Well, he’s put them between $49 and $99 which is pretty extraordinary. He remarks “Wouldn’t it be great to see lots of people get into Eurorack and enjoy modular synthesis?” And yes, yes it would. I think they are going to need to come up with a case and power supply as well if they really want to capture this market.

I’ll stand by my original comments about the rather dull and dreary look but I can always get my paints out.

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