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Behringer Four Play

Behringer Four Play  路  Source: Behringer

Behringer Four Play

Behringer Four Play  路  Source: Behringer

The Four Play Eurorack module appears to be a clone of the Intellijel Quad VCA with 4 channels of CV and audio mixing and variable response.


Four Play

After the BRAINS was announced last week we’d assumed that we’d see a lot of Mutable Instrument clones but it appears that Behringer is happy to clone anything that looks useful. It’s a 4-channel voltage-controlled amplifier, the bread and butter of Eurorack modules, in a system where you can never have enough VCAs.

The inputs and outputs are DC coupled which means it can handle both audio and CV signals. The outputs are normalised so you can either take individual outputs for each channel or take a mix out of the last channel.

Behringer Four Play

Behringer Four Play

Each channel has a level control and an attenuated CV input for control over the level. There’s a Boost switch to add a bit of extra gain and you can dial in a response curve between linear and exponential. The LEDs register the signal and are green for positive waves and red for negative cycles.

The similarities to the Intellijel Quad VCA are quite obvious; same layout, same features and functions. Other than different artwork and knobs it’s identical. 4-channel VCAs are common and yet every other manufacturer manages to make it their own, Behringer doesn’t appear interested in trying. Maybe Intellijel should take it as a compliment that with all their resources Behringer can’t come up with a better idea than theirs. Intellijel says their modules are “made with love by robots in Canada“, I wonder what the Behringer modules are made with? Answers in the comments, thanks!

At $99 it’s certainly at a great price for people looking for a budget way into Eurorack. Four Play is shipping now and should be in the shops very soon.

More information from Behringer


No video from Behringer on this as yet so in the meantime here’s the Intellijel QuadVCA in action.


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17 responses to “Behringer FOUR PLAY: Cheekily named Quad VCA Eurorack module”

  1. Jesus Christ says:

    This is an exact copy of the Intellijel Quad VCA. Shameless.

  2. Theft not Clone says:

    Absolutely disgusting. I will never support Behringer. Stop calling it a clone and call it what it is….cheap imitation.

  3. Smoot says:

    Why publish news about an exact copy of a boutique module by a multinational music tech company?

    When will gear blogs grow a backbone and calm out this behaviour?

    • Robin Vincent says:

      Because it’s news and we’re a news site. What part of my article makes you think we’re not calling out this behaviour? We call it out every time, go and check all my Behringer posts. It’s weird enough to be criticised by Behringer fans for pointing out the ethical implications of some of Behringers actions, but it’s weirder still to be criticised for not calling out the behaviour when clearly we are.

      • jon says:

        “It’s just news” doesn’t really cut it here. They have engaged in antisemitic hate campaigns and tried to sue forum users critical of them and censor any criticism of their behaviour where they can. This is not just about ripping off smaller companies. Grow a backbone and stop being part of the problem by tacitly supporting these practices. B need to be shown they are not welcome in the community.

        • Robin Vincent says:

          We’ve reported on those things too, we shy away from nothing. It helps no one to be silent on these issues and I believe we show plenty of backbone by engaging in the conversation rather than being silent or hurling moral judgements. I’m sorry you’re not able to appreciate that.

  4. pfrf says:

    I have no strong opinions about gear manufacturers, but that last answer was actually comical. I laughed out loud. So now discussing Behringer’s new products is an act of bravery? hahaha

    I enjoy this site, but you sell stuff here, you’re an advertisement site.
    If you Google gearnews a list of official gearnews categories comes up-
    about us
    Behringer- news and rumors
    who we are!”

    That is “who you are!”- guitar, synths, Behringer.

    I’m sorry you’re not able to admit that.

    • Angus says:

      The reason “Behringer News and Rumours” comes up in that list is that we have a page for every manufacturer that lists all the news for that company. We have one for every single manufacturer we have ever covered on Gearnews. That URL is You can replace the word “behringer” in that URL with any other company and get a list of our content about that firm’s products. Google picks out that page because it’s a very popular manufacturer, so it includes it in the list. We don’t have any influence over how that listing is compiled.

  5. Leo says:

    I can’t believe you would cover a company who copy and undersell legitimate instrument makers who dedicate so much of their time and effort into development. Also they are a company who have been openly antisemitic so well done for ignoring that too.

    • pastoelio says:

      i cant believe people keep crying about it , if u like their products buy them if u dont dont its simple and easy , why waste time typing the same opinions over and over , its not like they will change anything coz u feel this way , its just more people discussing their company

    • Robin Vincent says:

      We cover everything and ignore nothing. You’ll find our coverage of Behringer critical, balanced and comprehensive. It’s all there on our website.

  6. Hugh says:

    I wish they wouldn鈥檛 do this. I have several great Behringer synths. I can get a Behringer Model D for $300 or a Minimoog for $10k. As much as I would love the vintage my finances don鈥檛 allow it. Same with Pro 1 and any other synth you can鈥檛 get any more. And you don鈥檛 have to replace parts all the time. Their original, Deepmind 12 is fantastic. But when they do these blatant ripoffs of boutique company products, like this and the keystep, it tarnishes the whole line.

  7. Anthony says:

    I agree with Hugh here. I have a few Behringer things (e.g. VC340, RD8, Boog, and even some of the System 100 clones) – all of this is old ‘stuff’ no longer being made and fair game under IP rules/laws. But when they take a boutique company like Intellijel (who I love, and have the Metropolix, the Morgasmatron and their lovely Dixie osc’s) or Arturia’s stuff then this is bottom of the barrel nonsense and I won’t continue buying Behringer (particularly for modern ripoffs, even though a quad VCA like this for $99 is amazing value).

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