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Behringer Eurorack Stand

Behringer Eurorack Stand  ·  Source: Behringer

With all these Eurorack sized Behringer synths knocking around people have been wondering how best to mount them. Well, wonder no more because Behringer is releasing a handy 3-tier bracket that will fit all their semi-modular synths and the 104HP Eurorack case.

Eurorack Stand

Moog tackled a similar problem with their Mother-32 and 104HP case by releasing a 2-tier and 3-tier bracket. When Behringer released their own 104 HP case it was widely assumed that it was identical to the Moog one. It’s not. In fact I did a whole video on it showing the differences (this was before they announced their Eurorack Go case). You can make the Behringer 104 case fit into the Moog bracket but it’s not ideal.

So Behringer releasing their own bracket makes a lot of sense.

Currently, they have 3 sizes of product that fits this format. You’ve got the 70 HP Model D, Wasp and Cat; you’ve got the 80 HP Neutron, K2 and Pro-1; and then you’ve got the 104 HP Eurorack skiff. They’ve been quite clever in creating a bracket for the back that can extend between all three size. This is a gripe I have with the Moog bracket – it only ever comes with a 60 HP bar for the back and to get hold of a 104 HP one requires special orders and months of waiting because no one ever holds stock. With the Behringer bracket you are good to go regardless of which size you are mounting.

One other thing to note is that in the Behringer video (below) the 104 HP skiff appears to have threaded nuts whereas the ones you can buy at this time have sliding nuts like the Moog – just so you know.

I have a mixture of Moog and Behringer 104 rows in two of this type of setup using the Moog brackets and it’s a really pleasing console-style and modular approach. I like that I can take a row out and use it at a gig without having to take a huge case or transfer into another one. I don’t think the Moog Mother-32, DFAM or 104 HP row will in this bracket because they are taller than the Behringer ones (see in my video above). And that’s a shame because the Moog brackets are quite pricey and I imagine these Behringer ones are going to be probably half as much.

One last thing Behringer needs to do is create a DC linked power module, like the ones by 4MS and Befaco, so you can run three 104 HP rows on a single power supply.

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