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Behringer Eurorack Go

Behringer Eurorack Go  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer Eurorack Go

Behringer Eurorack Go  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer has been following the Eurorack format for many of its synthesizers and has stated that they are working on their own range of modules. So it makes complete sense for them to produce a decent Eurorack case to accommodate them. And so, via a YouTube video, we have “Eurorack Go.”

Eurorack Go

Up until now, they’ve quietly had the Eurorack 104 case which is very similar to the Moog 104HP case. It doesn’t have a power supply and is actually quite shallow and is essentially a longer version of the case used by the Model D, Neutron and so on. I did a full review video of this case just a couple of days ago – see below. In the review I  mentioned how surprised I was that Behringer hasn’t done something bigger, something more interesting, with an integrated power supply and maybe some innovation. Well, now they have.

Eurorack Go is a large but portable Eurorack case with two rows of 140HP. They say it has a “massive” power supply with 32 power connections on a bus board that’s split into three zones offering 1amp per zone. The power connection is integrated on the back so you’ve not got a power module taking up HP as you have on the Arturia RackBrute. It has a moulded carry handle and a bracket at the back that pops out so that you can stand it up rather than have it laying on your desktop. It’s got a console-style rake to it, appears to be made of plastic and is rather reminiscent of the TipTop Audio Mantis. Perhaps the only twinge of disappointment is in the sliding nuts which almost everyone hates.

The case looks great, just the job and is exactly what Behringer needed to do. The big question, of course, will be the price. Both the Mantis and the RackBrute are around £300 and are significantly smaller. If it was £200 it would be a knockout but I reckon £250 would be nearer the mark. We shall see. There are no further details on the Behringer website or Facebook page as yet.

In the video we also see some forthcoming Eurorack modules. Click here for my thoughts on those.

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