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Behringer Eurorack Go

Behringer Eurorack Go  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer has released the full details of the Eurorack Go case it revealed before Christmas. It can accommodate 280HP of Eurorack modules, has an integrated power supply, sliding nuts, foldable legs and a carry handle.

Eurorack Go

There was much discussion when Behringer first announced this one. Sliding nuts or threaded rails? Most of the loudest voices seemed to insist on threaded rails but they are somewhat more expensive and since there were plenty of other voices in favour of sliding nuts I guess Behringer thought it’s not something worth adding to the cost of the unit for. So instead it’s plumped for the argument that the 96 sliding nuts make for “ultra-easy positioning of your precious gear”.

The power supply is internal and accessed via a power connector on the back. So you’re not using up any HP with a power module. The company says it’s a 3-Amp supply that’s ultra-low noise and has auto-switching for international power. You get a strip of 32 power connectors to plug your modules into.

Behringer Eurorack Go

Behringer Eurorack Go

You can use it flat on your desk in a kind of console mode or use the hinged feet to adjust the angle up to 50 degrees.

Behringer Eurorack Go

Behringer Eurorack Go

The all-important depth of the case to accommodate your modules is 40mm in the top row and 62mm in the bottom which is not that generous. However, it should be able to fit most modules.

280HP makes it quite a hefty case so perhaps the whole “Go” angle referencing how portable it is might be a little overstated. But it will make for a decent-sized case for the forthcoming Behringer System 100 and System 55 modules or for building your own custom system.

The one missing piece of the puzzle is the price…

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