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Tangible Waves Braedboard

Tangible Waves Braedboard  ·  Source: Tangible Waves

Tangible Waves goes DIY with the BraedBoard Module for their AE Modular format. Design your module on the Braedboard (that’s not a typo) and then turn into a proper module with the DIY kit.



This is a little development breadboard built in the AE Modular format that comes with a bunch of resistors, capacitors, diodes, pots, switches and a handful of ICs containing common circuits used in modular synthesis. You can start putting together simple analogue music circuits and potentially develop them into more complex designs. What a great way to start getting a grasp of analogue electronics and expand your AE Modular setup.

DIY Module

Once you’re happy with your design you can commit it to a blank DIY module. The module comes with a faceplate, a couple of pots, switches, LEDs and patch-wire sockets and two blank PCBs onto which you can solder your components.

Tangible Waves DIY Kit

Tangible Waves DIY Kit

Build your own synthesizer from scratch

AE Modular is a great value format that offers a modular synthesis experience in a compact space. Being able to easily build new modules for it while learning about analogue electronics and circuit design is totally brilliant.

Both Braedboard and the DIY Module will be available in a couple of days.

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