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Web-based music production package, is a free sequencer with some great creative features. Inspired by the design of popular Swedish instruments manufacturer, Elektron, has now been updated with access to an open-source sample library.


What’s inside

With this online groovebox, there are plenty of features to provide creative inspiration and more importantly yield usable results. Each of the eight slots can be loaded with samples and programmed in the same fashion as you would any TR-style sequencer. Patterns can be up to 64 steps, with functions like swing and rotate to keep things interesting. Randomize is another intelligent feature that pops up in various sections. It allows the creation of random patterns and modulations and there is also a roll function that can be used on several additional parameters. In the trigger section, for instance, you can adjust micro-timing, repeats, trigger conditions, and even probability. The filter, distortion, amp, and the integrated effects feature the dice icon too, which gives you plenty to play with. The mod section is also rather extensive, with three LFOs and an envelope follower. library

The sample library

Sample editing is just as in-depth, with parameters to change the pitch, starting point, or stereo width by detuning the left and right channels. Whether you’re using looping or one-shot playback, allows loading your own samples or you can browse the free library made available through GitHub. You can find all the household classics such as the 808 and 909 kits, plus some tonal sample kits designed with analogue synthesizers too.


The pattern library allows you to select and edit premade patterns, or even share those you have created yourself using the share function. This will generate a link which in turn opens the pattern within the browser app. At this point, it’s also possible to save patterns locally or bounce them out as audio for use elsewhere, which is an incredibly useful feature. The master section also has a great selection of effects to sculpt the overall sound even further with reverb, delay, phaser, chorus, compressor, and soft clipping.

Besides the added open-source sample library, the sound engine has also been refined. There is useful expansion to the modulation features and the sample waveform display has been improved visually. Overall, is an impressive package, well worth exploring as an additional outlet for your creativity.

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