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An Amped Studio session

An Amped Studio session  ·  Source:

Amped Studio

Running the classic OBXD (Oberheim synth emulation) plugin in AS  ·  Source:


Modern DAWs are so mature in terms of functionality and features, you may think there isn’t much room left for innovation. Furthermore, the mainstream DAWs like Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, Cubase, and FL Studio are so established, you probably couldn’t care less for a brand-new one.


Amptrack Tech won’t have any of that. It’s introducing a basic, but forward-looking DAW called Amped Studio. It’s the first of its kind to be available as a web app with cloud sync and sharing, in addition to a native desktop variant. So music production will too become a task that can be accomplished inside your browser, not unlike document and image editing.

Although modern DAWs are web-conscious, they are rather coy with it – at best, you can post your tune to SoundCloud or collaborate with others in real-time, none are going all in by converting to a web app. Which is understandable – they are decades-old products with humongous codebases. Porting them to the cloud or building web versions from the ground-up would be a Herculean effort!

Amped Studio isn’t cloud-ready because of the coolness factor, though. Seamlessly moving between your desktop computer session and your web session on your tablet with everything in sync makes for excellent flexibility – the kind other creative types have been enjoying immensely for years now. The time and place for such a product is already upon us, but the big shots have left it to leaner, smaller players like Amptrack to fill the gap.

Amped Studio DAW

Amped Studio will feel at home on any device that runs a modern web browser.

Amped Studio isn’t ready to handle large projects or critical mixing/mastering work yet, but it’s surprisingly accomplished for something that runs in your browser. It handles audio recording (via your built-in mic), MIDI editing, and automatic time stretching. It also hosts virtual instruments – including third-party VSTi. At the moment, you can toy around with the classic OBXD, Dexed, and AZR3 free synth plug-ins.

AS isn’t missing out on bundled content, either. It comes with a sound library, basic virtual instruments like a drum machine and a bunch of synthesizers, as well as bread-and-butter effects like limiter, EQ, delay, and reverb. The user interface is derivative of Logic Pro X, which won’t please Apple, but makes for a clean and straightforward experience.

Best part? You can use most of AS for free! You won’t be able to access the premium content or save audio files, although exporting is still available. Premium access is offered at 5 USD per month, or 50 USD a year – you’ll save a tenner. It will be interesting and exciting to see Amped Studio grow from an advanced proof-of-concept to a full-fledged and affordable web DAW!


Try Amped Studio here and learn more about it here!


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  • Amped Studio will feel at home on any device that runs a modern web browser.: Amptrack
Amped Studio Borwser DAW

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