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Arthur Joly Bass Makkina

Arthur Joly Bass Makkina  ·  Source: Arthur Joly

Arthur Joly Bass Makkina  ·  Source: Arthur Joly

Arthur Joly builds synthesizers, beautiful synthesizers. He has a house in Brazil full of them. His latest creation of the Bass Makkina analog tube synthesizer and it’s a work of art.

The Bass Makkina

The video doesn’t tell me much because it’s all in Portuguese but the sound is pretty amazing. What I can tell you is that it’s semi-modular, has a dirty great big valve on the filter and a built-in delay. As Arthur says “what more do you want from an analog synth?” And it is a straight-forward affair. The large-format control panel gives you a single oscillator with 4 waveform outputs, pulse width modulation and glide. The voltage-controlled tube filter also contains noise and drive. There’s an ADSR envelope and LFO with a rather nice VU meter. And then at the VCA comes the Echo section. It sounds divine.

It’s all built into what I imagine is Brazillian hardwood with a two and a half octave keyboard that looks like it might be a repurposed Arturia Beatstep judging by the buttons that are peaking through the veneer.

Arthur Joly Bass Makkina

I don’t think Arthur builds these as products as such but they are fabulous and he has a whole range of various builds on his website and YouTube channel. If you’re interested then you should get in touch with him directly. Otherwise we can just enjoy the fact that these exist.

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