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Educational Reco-Synth

Educational Reco-Synth  ·  Source: Reco-Synth

Synth designer Arthur Joly has come up with the perfect way to teach modular synthesis with the Educational Reco-Synth and modular course.

Educational Reco-Synth

Arthur Joly tends to build quite extraordinary boutique synthesizers in his workshop in Brazil. With the Educational Reco-Synth he’s put together a very neat and complete modular synthesizer to provide a platform for learning about modular synthesis. Included with every synth is an online course teaching you all about the ins and outs of patching and making sounds with it.

It’s a beautifully made row of modular made in a single piece with 8 modules built into the one faceplate. You get a pair of Oscillators, a Noise generator, filter, LFO, 2 envelopes and a VCA which is then wired into an output module. This is not Eurorack, the oscillators are not 1v/oct and the patching is done with banana cables. It’s supposed to be simple, experimental, educational and fun to play with.

The Educational Reco-Synth is $2150 (Brazillian) which equates to about £350 which is great value for the synth and the course. Reco-Synth is also offering separate courses on synthesis, modular synthesizers and the design and construction of synthesizers.

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