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Telefunken Custom Shop Configurator

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Ever dreamed of having your own customised stage mic? Wish you could order it in a range of colours and finishes? Fret not dear reader because the Telefunken Custom Shop Configurator might be the answer to your (rather colourful) dreams!


Telefunken Custom Shop Configurator

The Telefunken Custom Shop Configurator was launched this month (June 2020) and is, without a doubt, a reaction to third-party microphone customisation services. You’ve undoubtedly seen your favourite performers with a custom finish microphone of some kind. Now you can have your own custom mic, straight from the factory.

So what mics do Telefunken allow you to customise then? Can you order a bright orange U47 or violet C12? Well, perhaps thankfully, no! The Telefunken Custom Shop lets you choose an M80 or M81 microphone as a base for customisation; both are dynamic microphones, and especially perfect for stage use on vocals or instruments.

The technical specifications of the microphones are impressive; nonetheless, we expect there are plenty of you out there who’ll buy an M80 or an M81 simply for the custom colour options. And, why not!


More Finishes, More Bling

We spent ages (too long to be honest) using the online configurator tool to come up with some “interesting” variations on the standard mic finishes! You can choose from sixteen different body finishes and materials (including wood finishes), and fifteen headgrille finishes. It should be noted that some of these options can be quite expensive; would Sir or Madame care for a chrome-plated mic body? That will be $130 extra thank you very much…

With that said, we found some startling and very attractive variations could be had for $20 or less which seems especially reasonable. Moreover, turn around time for a custom mic order is quoted at between one and two weeks. Now how can you argue at that?

Go and have a play with the Telefunken Custom Shop Configurator, and drop us a link to what you come up with!

Manufacturer’s Website

Telefunken Custom Shop Configurator

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3 responses to “Telefunken Custom Shop Configurator: Design your own mic!”

    Andriansyah Maulana says:

    Hi bro! I have an Akg C534EB mic, but in appearance it is outdated and not interesting anymore, the part still works very well, it just doesn’t look attractive, would you like to make a new mic case for me? if you can, how much it will cost for the Akg C535EB case.

    Thanks & Best regards
    Andrian from indonesia

    FLEXAS says:

    i have bought a telefunken M80 gold, but when it comes to find some accurate information about how the gold finish is made off, not a world ???
    Is it a gold plated, a gold filled, a 24K gold plated ??? for the price some accuracies would at least a minimum requirement !!! is it sustainable in a long and intense use, i mean live music .
    If you have some Informations would you please share it ?
    thank you.

      Stefan Wyeth says:

      Hello, I would contact the dealer you bought it from and they can help you liaise with Telefunken, if not go to the contact page on the Telefunken site.

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