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Telefunken DI Box - The Beer test!

Telefunken DI Box - The Beer test!  ·  Source: YouTube Screenshot

Telefunken DI boxes

Telefunken DI boxes  ·  Source:

When it comes to research and development, the scientists at Telefunken clearly know how to do it properly! Watch the video below to see them attempt to destroy these new DI boxes coming soon from Telefunken. I think it’s safe to say they are trying to demonstrate that their first DI boxes are going to be among the most durable on the market!


Telefunken Direct Boxes

These new direct boxes coming at the end of this year are Telefunken’s first release of a DI box. I assume that sonically they will perform well, coming from such a manufacturer. However, they’ve clearly placed effort towards making sure they can withstand touring and heavy studio use. The innards are enclosed in an extruded aluminum casing with recessed metal toggle switches; the video below demonstrates how rugged they believe these little boxes are.

There are to be 4 models released; 2 active FET models and 2 passive models. The 2 models of each will simply be mono and stereo versions. The TDA-1 (mono) and TDA-2 (dual) will feature Class-A FET circuitry with a high-quality Carnhill transformer. Telefunken promise these DI’s to offer “the perfect balance between clean, high headroom performance and warm, saturated tone”.

The TD-1 (mono) and TD-2 (dual) will be the two passive models. These too will feature the Carnhill custom-wound output transformers which Telefunken say will offer “rich, warm tones”. All 4 models are said to use gold-plated traces for maximum conductivity and are hand-built with through-hole components for reliability.

More Information

For more information see the original press release. Expected to be shipping in December 2016, prices haven’t been announced yet. If priced appropriately, I expect these to be very popular.


Here’s a video of Telefunken’s R&D department with a good sense of humour. Seen on the TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik YouTube channel, it certainly shows how durable these little boxes have been designed.


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