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Busy Circuits ASQ-1

Busy Circuits ASQ-1  ·  Source: Rubadub Instagram


ALM ASQ-1  ·  Source: Gearnews


Busy Circuits ASQ-1 sequencer was first captured in 2015 so is it for real this time? SH-101 style, super clacky keys, 2 channels and 4 triggers.



I’m pretty sure Mylar Melodies tweeted about this years ago. It appears to have remained only a prototype for the last 7 years. Is it finally going to become a real module?

What we know is that it’s a CV/Gate and Trigger sequencer with 2 channels of melody and 4 channels of Triggers. It has an octave worth of old mechanical keyboard style keys and apparently works in a good old basic SH-101 style. It looks very neat and tidy and I’m loving those keys.

Update! There’s a video below from Reverb, here are the key points.

So, yes, the sequencer is in the SH-101 style where you hit a note and then another note and it becomes a sequence. You can add rests as you go, switch octaves, and keep on going up to 127 steps. There are two independent melodic tracks to play with. On the other side of the module are 4 trigger outputs. You can program them with the 8 white keys being 8 steps although more steps are available up to 64.

ALM recommend using it with Pam’s Workout as the clock source for the tightest timing and also to make use of Pam’s swing functions and clocking options. It does have an internal clock though.


You can use the keys as a quantiser for any incoming CV which is a really great feature. You can also transpose on the fly.

ASQ-1 is brilliantly instant and looks like a lot of fun to play with and get ideas flowing quickly and easily. ALM says it will be released mid to late summer for around £300.

Busy Circuits are on booth Z145.

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Busy Circuits ASQ-1

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