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BusyCircuits Boss Bow Two

BusyCircuits Boss Bow Two  ·  Source: BusyCircuits


The ALM027 Boss Bow Two is a voltage controlled 8-way bidirectional switch which is more exciting than it sounds. 3 different modes give it a versatility to play with all sorts of CV or audio.


Boss Bow Two

Switches in Eurorack are commonly used to switch between or distribute voltages. In this case you can have 8 inputs switching to a single output or a single input switching between 8 outputs. This could be switching between sequences or modulations, or, if used the other way around send a single source sequentially to different destinations. The Boss Bow Two will do that but this new version has three modes which affect how the switching is achieved.

In Address mode an offset knob controls which of the 8 inputs/outputs are being used. This can be voltage controlled. In Step mode the switch works more traditionally, stepping through the 8 I/O ports in response to a clock. Strobe mode combines the two holding the port selected by the offset until the next clock step.

The Boss Bow Two can handle both CV and audio which gives it a whole other place to play amongst your Eurorack signals.


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It’s a very interesting switch that inspires me to look at how I use switching in the context of a patch and I’m already seeing how much more the Boss Bow Two could offer over the traditional sequential switch.

Boss Bow Two is available now for €185.

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