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Ardabil and Switch

Ardabil and Switch  ·  Source: TiNRS

Ardabil and Switch

Ardabil and Switch  ·  Source: TiNRS


TiNRS takes a momentary break from the awesome Fenix IV production to weave together your signals with Ardabil and to give your modular a choice with Switch.



This is a block of connections to weave your signals through. It has precision adders, attenuverters, offsets, buffered multiple outputs and VCAs that are all connected. TiNRS says that Ardabil is the rug that holds your modular together – fascinating.

Our Ardabil shows you the thread of your signal in one integrated design.
The overall pattern is composed of six functional elements in rotational symmetry. The basic design is relatively simple and the elements are well-balanced. Visual richness is added with contrasting background colours in the Danzer filler pattern and multiple large yellow knobs.

Yes, but what do you plug in where and why? Your thread starts with two CV inputs that are precisely added together. Then you can scale your CV with a knob or CV input up or down. Then you can offset it and cascade it into three buffered outputs and an inverted output which can then control the VCA of an audio signal.

If you look closely at the module you’ll notice that it actually has a mirror image of itself top-left to bottom-right and in fact, there are two identical processes running in one module. The first starts at the top and goes down the left side, the second starts at the bottom and runs up the right side

Judging by the demo below it’s like a way of combining voltages and modulation in interesting and creative ways. And then elements like the offset are designed to keep the adding of voltages under control. Very clever.


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The Switch is two independent dual-gang switches with a 3-way switch in a passive module. Again you’ve got two lots of the same thing going on, one at the top and one, upsidedown at the bottom. You can patch in 6 things and use the switch to select one pair at a time. It has really nice switches and TiNRS’s front panels always look fantastic.


These will be available in December. Ardabil is €200 and you can buy it with the Switch for €250. They don’t plan to sell the Switch on its own. You can find TiNRS on booth W230 where you can also play on the Fenix IV modular synthesizer.

More information from TiNRS

Ardabil and Switch

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