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TiNRS CicularThing Double Drum

TiNRS CicularThing Double Drum  ·  Source: TiNRS

TiNRS CircularThing

TiNRS CircularThing  ·  Source: TiNRS


CircularThing Double Drum is a collaboration with Befaco and is two drum voices fighting and being smashed together to create complex and interesting drum sounds.


Double Drum

You can count on This is Not Rocket Science to release something colourful, slightly weird and probably fabulous. It’s based on Befaco’s KickAll drum voice but TiNRS have doubled it up and expanded it into something entirely different. The two drum voices are mirrored top and bottom with an extra bit of Noise control in the bottom half.

They have pitch controls over the bass tones and a 1v/oct input. The shape of the waveform can morph from triangle to pulse. The Decay knob controls the decay time of the sound while the Time knob controls the decay of the pitch envelope. How much of a pitch envelope there is depends on the Bend control. The Cross control pulls the output of the other drum in to affect the CV of the pitch – that sounds interesting.

In between the two is a Mix Balance which determines how much of each drum comes out.

The bottom drum has an additional noise source which you can crossfade into the drum sound. There’s also a White Noise output for when you just need noise.


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On the back of the module are some options that change behaviour. You can turn on “Hard Sync on trigger” which resets the oscillator on every pulse to make sure it’s consistent. You can change the polarity of the cross-modulation and you can change the response from regular linear to wild and experimental exponential.

There’s also a jumper to add a filter to the Noise source for a more retro vibe and another to link the two drum voices into a single complex voice.

TiNRS revealed the module in a live stream last week which you can see below. Sadly they are only making 20 and most of those are gone already although €400 would secure one if there’s any left. Apparently Befaco might make some kit versions, though. Also just to point out the artwork is absolutely inspired by our current predicament.

TiNRS CircularThing

TiNRS CircularThing

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  • TiNRS CircularThing: TiNRS
TiNRS CicularThing Double Drum

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