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This Is Not Rocket Science BigFish

This Is Not Rocket Science BigFish  ·  Source: Gearslutz youtube


TINRS (This Is Not Rocket Science) brought their first couple of Eurorack modulation modules to Superbooth in April. Stijn from TINRS said that they were so inspired by the show that on their return they went straight back to developing and now have a prototype of their BigFish synth voice only a few weeks later at the Ginko Modular Fest.



The BigFish is a complete synthesizer voice that can also be used as an independent oscillator and filter section. The oscillator has 7 different waveshapes or voices, each generated with a different algorithm. There appears to be some organ type sounds in there as well as some chord generation. There will also be some physical modelling going on and an FM synthesizer amongst others. Two parameter knobs, called “size” and “spread”, give access to morphing between various features of each voice.

A dedicated ADSR is always applied to the internal VCA, but if can also be patched out to other things. There’s a second Attack/Decay envelope for the filter cutoff. There are 5 filter types, Low, High, Band reject and pass and a 7 resonator vocal filter. An audio input provides access to the filter from external sources.

Stijn says that there are still a few months of development needed before they can release it as a product, but they were very keen to show off what they had achieved so far. He says it’s full of “guilty pleasures” and his enthusiasm is certainly palpable. It looks like an exciting box and it’s going to interesting to see how it develops over the coming months.


It looks nothing like the development images that are currently on the website but hopefully more solid information will be coming along soon.

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This Is Not Rocket Science BigFish

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