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Eowave Titan Capsule MkII

Eowave Titan Capsule MkII  ·  Source: Synthanatomy


The Eowave Capsule Titan is a complete synthesizer voice made in very small numbers. It combines 7 synthesizer components all prewired behind the scenes so that it can be used stand alone. Or you can drop it into a larger Eurorack setting. Eowave have revealed an updated version and had the Capsule Titan MkII on demo at the Tokyo Festival of Modular. Let’s see what’s new.


Eowave Capsule Titan MkII

The original had 2 discrete Titan oscillators, a Magnetosphere filter, a Sommateur mixer, an A.D. amplifier, Rayonnement envelope, a Zone BF dual LFO and was rounded off with a MIDI interface and power supply built into the case. The second version builds on this. They’ve added a second envelope generator and a second VCA with drive. There’s a noise generator and an attenuator. The oscillators now have a mix output and the second oscillator comes with a sub.

In terms of the front panel you can see there’s an extra column of knobs under the Rayonnement envelope section and an extra knob for Drive in the A.D. VCA section. On the left and right it’s been expanded to accommodate extra patch sockets and a couple of smaller knobs. On the left is the additional VCA, Noise and attenuator. The right expands the LFO.


Although it has the semi-modular pre-patched functionality you have access to every patch point making it a fully modular experience. The two transistor based oscillators make it very interesting, especially now with the sub. It’s capable of producing some very thick and edgy sounds. Priced at around €600 it finds itself in the realms of the Moog Mother-32 and Pittsburg SV-1 Blackbox which is very good company. I hope the Capsule Titan MkII becomes generally more available than the hard-to-find original as it’s a great gateway drug into modular.

More information

  • Eowave website – no information there currently. They are expecting release in Q2 2018.
  • Original Capsule Titan page.


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Eowave Titan Capsule MkII

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