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TINRS Fenix IV  ·  Source: TINRS


TINRS Fenix IV  ·  Source: TINRS


This is Not Rocket Science has opened preorders on their Fenix IV proprietary format complete and all-encompassing modular synthesizer thing.


Fenix IV

The Fenix was originally designed for an artist who wanted every synthesizer thing in modular form in a small space. Since then the Fenix has evolved to become an amazing instrument of modular exploration. It ignores Eurorack and does its own thing with a stunning array of modules and endless sonic potential.

TINRS describe the Fenix as having a “flow”:

All the modules have the same direction for inputs and outputs: roughly left to right and top to bottom. This is the same in educational diagrams that talk about synthesizer structure. We managed to consistently apply this giant swipe from up left to down right across our Fenix too. You can distinguish types of signals on a Fenix by the colour coding – we’ve taken this helpful visual aid and extended it to giving the modules a coloured grouping that corresponds between the knobs and the jacks. Another feature of the Fenix family is the waterline that divides the knobs from the jacks. Keeping the knobs up top means your patching never gets in the way of your twiddling. This division also helps to maintain a sense of overview with lots of cables patched in.

It’s a bit like what Teenage Engineering did with the 400 modular but about a 1000 times more interesting. You’ve got analogue and digital oscillators, envelopes and modulators, CV processors and audio effects. There are different sorts of filters, a sequencer, MIDI interface and multiples galore. It’s an entire environment to explore and lose yourself in and something in the region of 330 patch points.

It’s also very cheerful looking.


Head to the website for the full list of modules. The first run of 25 Fenix IVs will be ready by the end of the year and will cost €5,000 each. Get your name down if you want one.

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